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Psychic Souvenirs & Gift Shop in Toronto

I offer daily specials and walk-ins to our shop at 1359, Danforth avenue. Come and browse through my store that has a magnificent collection of books, tarot, oracle and inspirational cards, jewelry and much more. 

My knowledgeable staff will be at your service for a guided tour of the shop to help answer your questions. At the Oracle Centre Shop, you will find a wide collection of items that have been carefully curated for psychic and spiritual betterment for my beloved clients.

Come and explore a unique selection of:

Tarot/oracle and inspirational cards
Crystals and gemstones
Angels and fairies
Incense and oils

Seeing is believing, so come by the shop and see for yourself how the ancient practices of the psychic arts can invite good energy, and open the doors of perception, through the resonance of tried and tested materials and mantras. Reconnect with yourself, or help someone else reconnect with themselves, through these thoughtful and creative gift items.  

Knowledge Speaks, but Wisdom Listens

Tune into your soul and listen to what the universe is saying to you.

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