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Many of my clients have been with me over the years, and have placed their patience and faith in me. For that, I am truly grateful and wish to remind those people that I am always there to help and guide them. Here are reviews of my psychic practice in Toronto and across North America.

Great Spiritual Guide

“Nancy is really a great spiritual guide who knows how and where to invest your energy. She has been a great mentor to me who has influenced my thought process and taught me how to not get affected by negative energies and live life more peacefully. I would recommend Nancy to anyone who is looking to bring change in his/her life.”

-Humdard S.

Life Coach and Truest Confidante

“Simply put, Nancy is my life coach, my truest confidante and holds a very special place in my heart. Her gift is REAL and resonates only truth and compassion for everyone she reads for. I've been blessed with our relationship for over 20 years. She has taught, strengthened and loved my spirit with all her wisdom, love and foresight throughout our entire journey. She is an authentic soul with an authentic gift. Loved, Respected & Highly Recommended!”

-Lesley F.

Truly Eye-opening Experience

“First time partaking in a tarot card reading and it was a truly eye-opening experience. Even the conversation between Nancy and I after the Tarot card reading was comforting. I would recommend if anyone is thinking of having a tarot card reading done that Nancy on the top of the list of where you should go.”

-Jonathan A.

Helped Me Face Challenges

“I had a wonderful experience. Nancy was so kind and comforting. She truly has a gift! She knew things that I’ve never told anyone. Her words have helped me face challenges I’ve been dealing with for years. I would recommend Nancy to anyone.”


Give It a Shot; You Won’t Regret It

“What an amazing experience. Nancy is thoughtful, professional, generous, and quite simply... genuinely wants to help. Her expertise and thoughtfulness is apparent from the first few minutes of the session, which is held in a comforting, beautiful space. I went to see her out of curiosity and a deep desire to strengthen my goals and path in life and profession... I received exactly that, and truly so much more. I will be seeing her again, many times, and I can’t recommend this experience enough to those of you out there who are searching, curious, and even perhaps eager to try something new. She isn’t for show, she’s not performing, it’s not a spectacle. She’s 100% real and ready to help. Give it a shot, you won’t regret it.”

-Alex W.

Incredible Experience

“Nancy is such a warmhearted, kind, inspiring and truly, truly gifted person. She has the ability to just know what is going on. She essentially presented to me my future path, and gave me the most valuable advice to help reach my goals in every area. Incredible experience that has, and will continue to change my life for the better. 100% recommended for everyone!”

-Mya S.

Amazing Experience!

“When I first started seeing Nancy, I was really lost but through our sessions, I’ve become a completely different person. She uses her gift to help me understand my experiences and my life path. I have to admit, she has made me cry many times, but she guided me on a steady course and now I have learned how to love myself and see the world with a different perspective.”


Amazing Spiritual Life Coach

“I have known Nancy for over 10 years! She's so much more than a psychic she's my life coach and dear friend. She uses her gift to help people understand the world, their live paths and helps you to gain so many positive perspectives and ways to cope thru the challenging times. She is a warm and genuine filled spirit that I am so lucky to have in my life! I would highly recommend a reading from her and can say with the utmost confidence that she will always provide you with truthful and spiritual experience. She resonates her gift with a light and a genuine compassion for all of her clients! I am lucky to be one of them."


Accurate, Respectful, and Great Hospitality

Accurate, respectful, and great hospitality. She is worth every penny. While I am not a die-hard believer, the things she told me before I even said a word were so spot on. Thank you for the great time.


Her Guidance Helped Me Turn My Life Around

In my deepest, darkest moment of my life, I found Nancy almost ten years ago and her guidance helped me turn my life around. If you need answers to your life questions, Nancy has the wisdom to point you in the right direction.


Nancy Helped Me Feeling Light and Happy

An amazing experience! Nancy provided a lot of clarity for me. I left feeling so light and happy! Would definitely recommend. :)


Nancy Is the Real Deal

Nancy is the real deal. She's so much more than just a fun experience. Every time I need to heal spiritually I go to her for guidance. She's helped me find peace with a lot of events and gives advice for the future. She's kind and warm, but honest. She always knows what's wrong and how I can fix it. I feel very fortunate to have found her. I've been to many psychics before finding Nancy and now I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. I always leave feeling clear and light.


Enriched Guidance

I received a powerful and enriched guidance from Nancy. She is a true oracle.


Nancy Is My Go-To Oracle

Nancy should be your go-to Oracle in Toronto if you're looking to make some real improvement in your life or just looking for some guidance. She is very passionate in whomever crosses her road and takes time to show you what's outside of the box to see more clearly. I look forward in seeing her every two weeks and learn something new each time! What are you waiting for? Make your life as best as it can be!


Discover What Drives You

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