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One Session to Reveal a Lifetime’s Answers in Toronto

I am committed to building close, long-term relationships with clients, beginning with non-judgmental, one-on-one conversations, and a focus towards regaining balance and self-awareness. Your confidentiality is guaranteed. Nancy Psychic Oracle can assist you with the following:

Tarot and palm reading

Reveal your inner nature with help from Toronto’s intuitive and trusted psychic.

Spiritual meditation

Meditation is a beneficial activity, and when practiced daily, it can make you have a deeper connection with yourself.


My role is that of an advisor, to ask the right questions and to help gather the right information about you, through you.

Chakra cleansing

The universe is endowed with energy that courses through your body chakras with every single breath. When aligned through proper cleansing techniques, your chakra will lead to an awakening of the soul and limitless feeling.

Crystal healing

Crystals have been known to have healing properties since millennia, and they can help to bring you peace of mind. Ancient mystics practiced crystal healing to align the body chakras.

Private parties

I also host group reading sessions at parties, for healing through communication with an assembly of people.  

Corporate functions

I also offer corporate event bookings to showcase the ancient practices of tarot and spiritual healing for businesses and to help employees and staff feel the benefits of this healing.

Please note that I do not do black magic. Contact me if you wish to try any of the above.

Surround Yourself With Positivity

Spiritual healing is the art of knowing yourself.

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